Thank you for generously supporting the mission and ministry of Christ’s church through Weisenberg Lutheran!
“Each one must give as she or he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” ~ 1 Corinthians 9:7
  Online Giving    Use this convenient, safe & secure option to make your gift today.
          We realize many people do not carry cash or a checkbook anymore, and others may want to give to our church without attending in person, so we are making it easier for both visitors and members to express their generosity. We offer multiple ways to give to a variety of funds.
ENVELOPES – Traditional way of giving with cash or check using a pre-assigned number to track your donations. Cost is approximately $3 to pay for the cost of the envelopes; there is an envelope you may use to cover this cost. The 2022 envelopes are available in the social room for pick-up. For those that no longer wish to receive envelopes, send an email to Don Friday at
BILL PAY/MOBILE BANKING – Some banks (such as our local New Tripoli Bank) offer this service; through your bank set up a mobile banking transaction donation to send a check to the church. Cost varies per bank.
ELECTRONIC GIVING – Weisenberg has partnered with Vanco for secure, one-time gifts or recurring donations; very handy when you cannot attend worship, do not have cash or do not want to write a check. You can select from a variety of areas (funds) to apply your donation, including but not limited to the general, capital improvement, missions, food pantry, memorial fund, and much more. You have the option to cover the processing cost (2.75% for a credit/debit card transaction or 1% for a bank account transfer) otherwise, the church will incur the cost. You do not need to create an account. Vanco will safely secure your personal information. We do not receive or manage this information. We will apply all Vanco giving donations to your church assigned number or code.
CASH or CHECK Via OFFERING PLATE – All donations are applied to the General Fund. It is not necessary to have an envelope number or code, but please realize we cannot track donations for you for tax purposes without one of these.
Make all checks payable toWeisenberg Lutheran Church
and in the memo section, indicate the fund, such as
Memorial Fund w/name of deceased, bulletins, altar flowers, world hunger, etc.
          All members receive an envelope number or a code when they join our church. We will gladly supply envelopes for anyone at anytime or if you no longer wish to receive envelopes, we can assign you a code which is useful for those that only give once in a while or switch to electronic giving but desire a statement for tax purposes. Anyone with an envelope number or a code will receive a giving statement at the end of each year.
          No matter how you choose to give, donations received will help us sustain our programs throughout the year. Thank you for all you do to support our mission.
For more information, to receive envelopes or a code,
please see our Treasurer, Don Friday or email Don at
NOTE: Let our secretary and treasurer know if your marital status, name, address, or phone changes; especially when cancelling your landline. We need your help to keep our membership and giving records updated. Thanks!!!