This committee was created in 2014 when our AV System was updated to include camera and recording to DVD capabilities. In 2020, we upgraded our video to digital due to Covid-19 forcing us to worship virtually. We now utilize this system for both in-person and virtual worship, but also for other special events, including Congregational Meetings, the Adult Sunday School class, and funerals, just to name a few. We utilize our faithful volunteers to make worship as meaningful as possible whether you are in the building or watching remotely. We have an AV Operator to control the camera and sound and a PC Operator to connect us virtually and run the slideshow which contains wording for congregation participation for liturgy and hymns and announcements. 
This committee ensures that all music performed and recorded to a DVD or on the web is copyright compliant. Our two licenses, OneLicense and Christian Copyright License (CCLI) cover about 95% of our music. We report to these companies all copyrighted music so that the authors get paid for us publishing their work. If music is not covered under our licenses, and permission is not granted directly from the publisher, we do not record it to the DVD and we mute the performance virtually as required by law.
Another set of licenses that we monitor is:
Sundays and Seasons (SAS) to ensure that we legally utilize liturgy within our services.
Church Video License (CVLI) to ensure that we legally show commercial videos for any of our activities.
Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) to ensure that we legally can play or perform music outside of our church services.
If you are interested in helping us in any way,
AV Operator, PC Operator, Slideshow Creator, Copyright Compliant Researcher,
please contact Bob Cappuccino.