The Social Ministry Committee meets once a month and provides various opportunities throughout the year for our members to enjoy social events and to help members or those in need in our community. 
     Food Pantry & Blessings Shop – In November we are especially looking for cereal, scalloped and au gratin potatoes and personal care items like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The Blessings Shop can use children’s socks, towels and blankets. Place items in the bins near the elevator. Click here for more info.
     Weisenberg Helping Hands – Hey Members…Need an extra 2 hands? Transportation to a doctor’s appointment? Weeds pulled? If you need help from other congregational members in any way, please contact Karen Reinert at 484-357-5280.
     Old Photos Wanted!  If you have photos of past events at Weisenberg Church, the Social Ministry Committee would like to borrow and scan them to put them on a CD. Please give them to Jessica Friday or e-mail her at After scanning, they will be returned to you.
     Altar Flowers – For anybody sponsoring altar flowers, if you would ever like to consider donating one or both of them to one of our shut-ins, a church member who has been recently hospitalized, or the Cornerstone Living Facility, please contact one of the Social Ministry Committee members. We will be happy to deliver the flowers for you and spread some cheer!
      In January we held another Breakfast Buddies event attended by 10 people, delivered altar flowers to a shut-in and to Cornerstone. In February we held a Family Fun Cocoa Mug Painting Party with Paintsome Pottery. In March, we collected and delivered 1055 lbs of supplies to the Food Pantry (some were from Sr Hi that bought items with money they collected) and also had items for the Blessings Shop. We want to thank everyone for their continued donations and support. In April, we had 29 people attend our Progressive Dinner. Everyone had a great time…and the food was delicious and plentiful! It’s always a fun night to hang out with everyone. We collected and delivered 185 lbs of supplies to the food pantry and items for the Blessings Shop, plus we stocked shelves at the food pantry. In May, we delivered Mother’s Day flowers to Cornerstone and we continue to send out get well cards and visit some shut ins. We collected and delivered 122 lbs of supplies to the food pantry and items for the Blessings Shop. In June, 108 lbs of supplies were collected and delivered to the food pantry as well as donations for the Blessings Shop. In July, 197 lbs of supplies were collected and delivered to the food pantry, we stocked shelves at the food pantry (thanks to Karla, Caden, Bev, Jonathan, Faith, Marci and Karen) and we had 17 people attend a Breakfast Buddies event at Shady Maple. In August, 338 lbs of supplies (a lot of cleaning supplies) were collected and delivered to the food pantry. We collected $716 for the Cay Galgon Life House to help support low-income pregnant or single unwed mothers with no family support. In September, 219 lbs of supplies were collected and delivered to the food pantry as well as donations for the Blessings Shop. We had 29 people take a trip to Allentown to see Clue-The Musical and 17 busy harvesters participated in the IHartHarvest Potato Project to help local food pantries. In October, we held our first Spaghetti Dinner and Raffle and raised $1300 with the dinner and $695 with the raffle. THANK YOU to everyone that helped in anyway to make this fundraiser a success. A portion of the proceeds will be used to supply hams to the food pantry families for the Christmas holiday. With October being Pastor Appreciation Month, we shared little gifts with Pastor Ray each Sunday; a special sign that used candy bar wrappers in the description; a shirt “Pastor-Warning-Anything you say or do could be used in a sermon”, a money tree (sorry not producing money at this time) and written on the pot “Thanks for helping us grow.”; a container where church members were welcomed to write down an encouraging or thank you note or special memory about Pastor Ray. We also had a pot luck dinner with loads of fun and entertainment at our Halloween Party.
Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00 PM – New members are always welcomed to join us to plan events.
During February or March, we will collect funds for this organization that help animals.
Social Ministry Committee members are:
Karen Reinert (chair 484-357-5280)
Sue Breininger, Cindy Coyle, Jessica Friday, Janelle Hess, Tina Mikosky and Emma Shellhammer.